According to the United States Golf Association:


1: Reducing Irrigated Turf Acreage

Replacing turf in out-of-play areas with native plants and grasses can save water and allow more resources to be focused on the primary playing areas


2: Irrigation System Upgrade

Updated irrigation systems with improved coverage, individual head control and sensor technology can improve playing conditions and save water.


3: Improving Drainage

Good drainage is essential for quality playing conditions and healthy turf. Addressing drainage issues is an important part of many golf course renovations.


 4: Tree Removal

Trees can grow in size and number on golf courses over time, so that they reduce line of sight and hinder playability. Your next renovation may need to consider removing trees to improve turf health, golfer enjoyment and pace of play.


5: Switching Turfs

Converting playing areas to improved turfgrass varieties can enhance playing conditions and reduce resource consumption.


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