City of Carrollton, TX (2004)
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The City of Carrollton, TX selected us over several designers interviewed.  Highlights of this project are: 

  • Renovated for $3M, when similar projects were constructed for $4M 
  • Won 7th Place in Golf Digest Best New Affordable Course Contest for 2007 
  • Created drainage that allowed course to reopen quickly after rain. 
  • Facility went from losing money to a profitable situation, a genuine “Million Dollar Turnaround” that shows what sensible renovation can do for the bottom line. 
  • For the last, we had to contour the entire very flat site and make it look natural.  This Avid Golfer review, stating “The designers did a wonderful job in creating a course that celebrates the natural undulation of the land”, when in fact, all those natural contours were man made! 

    We also hit our target of a medium difficulty golf course, according to the same review:  

    One thing I really enjoyed about the Creek Course is the moderate level of difficulty. It’s not overly sneaky or diabolical, but occasionally you’ll be faced with tough obstacles and layouts that will challenge you mentally.” 

    And that is what we were going for!