10 Reasons to Renovate Soon

Typically, realtors implore you to “Buy Now!” Their reasons are many, and many apply to the question of when to renovate your golf course:

1. It will never be cheaper

In the last year, construction prices have jumped 15-20%, after years of stagnation. Prices will continue rising sharply for a while, so sooner surely beats later.

2. You Know You Want To

Change for changes’ sake is immediately exhilarating, and learning its new subtleties satisfies for years.

3. You Know You Need To

Except for you and me, everything ages, and may need the course equivalent of a knee replacement. And, except for you and me, nothing is perfect, including your golf course design. Hey, we can all stand to implement some self improvement plans.

4. Staying Alive….Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive….. Staying Alive

Staying in business is good, and a remaining profitable is better. Given options, no one chooses a dilapidated golf facility. In the golf business, the “cost to play” is keeping your facility in good repair.

5. Aging Golfers

Older golfers are hate/won’t/can’t climb the endless hills we designed decades ago. Physical fitness is in overall decline. I didn’t understand that 40 years ago……I do now. We are returning to softer designs for artistic, philosophical and practical reasons.

6. Keeping Up with the Jones’

Your competitors are building better mouse traps, sometimes even using that famous architectural family. You don’t want to be the most outdated property in your neighborhood.

7. Fancy New Toys.

Technology advances faster than tour pro swing speeds. Even decade old courses pre-date some useful innovations. Irrigation efficiency, soil monitoring, web connectivity and new turf grasses can pay for themselves quickly in reduced water consumption. These days, renovation doesn’t mean replace, it means upgrade.

8. Going in Style – Clubhouses

Fast food, restaurant, and hotels have invested billions to freshen their décor. Some $100 hotels are now nicer than more expensive ones. Private clubs are modernizing old clubhouses. Can a “Clubhouse Fixer Uppers” show be far behind?

9. Going in Style – Golf Courses

Golf course design trends have turned a 180° since 2000. Showy is out, and natural is in. For your course to survive, some 1980’s era faux mounding must die! You might even make money selling your excess dirt!

10. Length Matters!

The 7000-6600-6200-5800-5400 tee sets of the 1970-80’s suits nobody. Long hitters prefer 7200+ yards. Your middle tees might still fit the average male golf game, but your forward two tees are probably too damn long. It’s time to let your customers to play golf as intended, (i.e., reaching greens in regulation) which requires yardage options not exceeding 4,000, 5,000, and 6,000 yards.