The missions of the ASGCA are much the same today as when the original members outlined the Articles of Incorporation:


-Foster the game of golf, its growth, and advancement.

-Foster professionalism of ASGCA members through education, promotion, and the fellowship of the world’s leading golf course architects.

-Support design excellence by creating golf courses that are technically, strategically, and aesthetically excellent while meeting the economic, environmental, and other needs of golf course owners, developers, and communities.

-Expand the opportunities of ASGCA members to better serve their clients and the game of golf.


What kind of training does someone need to become a golf course architect?

Golf course architects come from varying backgrounds, with training in landscape architecture, civil engineering, environmental studies, agronomy, golf course construction, and professional golf, to name a few. The most common degree among golf course architects is landscape architecture. In addition to formal education, time spent “on the job” learning about golf course maintenance and golf course construction is important to learn the technical aspects of the profession. Today’s golf course architect will need to acquire a variety of knowledge, including, but not limited to, the following:

-Landscape Architecture / Land Planning

-Environmental Knowledge

-Civil Engineering

-Agronomy & Turf Management

-Heavy Construction

-Plans, Specifications & Graphic Production

-Cost Estimating

-Public Speaking


Those interested in the field should become associated with a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects to learn more about the various demands of the profession. For a list of members near you, visit our Find an Architect section.


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