Superior National at Lutsen is on the North Shore, overlooking Lake Superior and nestled into the Sawtooth Mountains and the Poplar River Valley. Experience spectacular and untamed natural beauty paired with unparalleled golf. Superior National is a public resort course, named among Minnesota’s Top 10 Destination Golf Courses. $4.6 million in renovations and improvements on the renowned River & Canyon 18 are now complete.


Jeffrey Brauer designed the course to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience for all, from beginners to scratch golfers. Playing a round on the newly renovated River & Canyon 18 promises to be the highlight of your North Shore adventures. On the Mountain 9, golf at the foothills of the Sawtooth Mountains, enjoy breathtaking Lake Superior Views, and experience nature’s soundtrack at this Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. This course is perfect for a quick game of 9 holes or a full 27. FootGolf It’s like golf, with a soccer ball! Play on the Mountain 9


Reviews From Trip Advisor

5 Stars: *The* coolest course I’ve ever played…


This course is so notable…first off, it’s located in the most beautiful part of the Midwestern US. Amazing scenery abounds in the hours it might take one to get to here. People talk about the UP of Michigan, and it is indeed great, but the North Shore is just better.


Recently renovated less than 5 years ago< this course offers one of the coolest tracks one could ever expect to play. I like terrain on my golf course. This one plays up and down in one of the biggest mountain ranges in the Midwest. The Poplar River (like all North Shore rivers) is a cascading waterfall at all time of the year due to the geology of the area.


5 Stars: Great experience for all skill levels……….


I played roughly 15 rounds this past year on the River – Canon nines and enjoyed each one. The course was in fabulous shape. The maturity of the grounds now that it was in its 3rd year after the course redo were easily noticed. I came up with a group of 8 golfers for a weekend trip in July and they were all blown away by the course. Several had played the course in prior years but noticed something different and good about the course this year. A tough yet fair course that was in exceptional shape. All 8 players made comments about coming back up to play the course again in 2020. Compared it favorably to some of the best 18 hole public courses in the state. WOW.


You get views of the Giant Lake, and you get tucked away corners of canyons to try and fit your ball through without losing it (I lost many!)…playing 18 on the River and Canyon 9’s are a shade spendy (like everything else up here…it’s the Door County, WI of Minnesota)…but I do feel like you’ll come away happy that you did it.


River and Canyon are both in excellent shape, with some signature holes (14, 15 and 16 on Canyon) that will make your jaw drop at the challenge.


Can’t wait to finish my journey with 9 on the Mountain! Which will likely make me wanna play River and Canyon again!


DO IT. You won’t be disappointed.


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