Understanding Golf Architecture

Golf architecture describes golf design, managing the impact a course has on the environment, and the impact the course has on its local communities. Golf Architects, such as Jeffrey D. Brauer, who are members of the American Society of Golf Architects work with the most famous and storied courses in golf. This extends to historical restoration projects, renovations, and combinations thereof, preserving the game, its traditions, and its community connections are major priorities to the members of this elite organization.


It’s a fact that golf returns a direct benefit to the local environment and economy. ASGCA golf course architects advance this cause, producing outstanding projects that filter, protect and enhance our natural resources while educating permitting boards, town councils, developers, media and the general public about the positive role golf courses play in improving the environment.


Collaboration of Golf Architects

“ASGCA golf course architects are professional problem solvers, trained to lead and coordinate a multitude of disciplines while being sensitive to environmental impacts, budgets and sustainable design. ASGCA also collaborates with allied organizations and business partners to share knowledge, research, and reach a greater and more diverse audience.


One such effort is the ASGCA-USGA Site Evaluation Program, a pro-bono cause aimed at assisting owner/operators in the development of high-quality, sustainable products that remain integral assets of the local community”


When should I call or hire a golf course architect?


As with any consulting professional, the sooner a golf course architect is hired in the planning process, the more value he/she can offer a project. ASGCA architects have extensive experience in administering the design process, which is crucial for keeping projects on task while avoiding common pitfalls. A golf course architect’s varied expertise in such disciplines as land planning, construction, and agronomy can also direct (or redirect) a project early on in the process to maximize design efficiencies or realize creative opportunities. 


Books Written by Golf Architects

Recently, esteemed ASGCA member, Jeffrey D. Brauer released the book: Designs on a Better Golf Course: Practical answers to common questions for Green Committees



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