What We Do
Jeffrey D. Brauer knows golf and how a well designed golf course makes golf better. He knows the essence of the game is the fun of camaraderie and competition against friends  - and the golf course itself.
Brauer blends modern artistry and traditional play values, focusing on the golfer's enjoyment over pure difficulty and quite despair. His courses have infinite design variety, sound strategy and remarkable aesthetics, along with the occaisional surprise or bit of whimsy.

First among equal design emphasis is beauty and aesthetics, because “every good golfer, regardless of handicap, enjoys the outdoor experience,” Brauer says. His courses have a “sense of place” created by blending the natural beauty of the site with golf course elements.  His courses usually look like they have - were meant to be - always been there.

Having grown up on public courses, Brauer recognizes those as most representative of "Golf in America."  He is devoted to designing public courses that rival private clubs in quality, while being economically and environmentally sustainable, regardless of price level.

He has also successfully designed and renovated private clubs and resorts, and has tackled renovation projects large and small, knowing that even small improvements on “typical” courses do so much to improve .  

Given the variety of his projects, there is no single “trademark feature” on Brauer projects, but  golfers mention his artistic bunkers, strategically wide fairways and numerous “line of play” options. Golf Writer Bradley Klein opined that he wouldn’t have known that the two courses at Giants Ridge were designed by the same architect, which is the highest compliment possible, and is testament to Brauer's committment to crafting each individual course he designs.


Jeffrey D. Brauer/GolfScapes, Inc.
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